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Pre and Post Operation Care


You should always speak to us regarding specific instructions for care to take both before, during and after your dermatologic procedure. Many skin-related procedures are done in our office, with little to no recovery time. Other procedures are more significant, however, and in those cases some general tips may help you minimize your downtime following the procedure.


If your procedure involves surgery, in most cases you will be able to drive to and from your appointment. All surgeries are done as an outpatient in our office using local anesthetic, you will not be put to sleep. It is advisable to not smoke for several days preceding the operation as this may inhbit healing. Also, if you expect a recovery time of several days, you will want to have your room prepared, with a comfortable bed and all the materials you will need while recovering, including snacks, necessary prescriptions, lotions or ointments for any incisions, reading materials, and anything else you anticipate needing close at hand.


Follow any instructions we have given you for your post-operation recovery time exactly, and take all of your medication as prescribed. You should avoid smoke or second-hand smoke while recovering. Be sure to eat healthy foods rich in vitamins, particularly Vitamin C to help reduce swelling. Above all, patience and rest is vitally important.